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Creative Thinking, Pragmatic Solutions

Business Model Coaching

From finding your customer value proposition to determining what capabilities you need to develop a competitve strategy.  Our advisors help you refine your business model into an executable plan. 

Independent Software Review

We help vendors by providing practicing business architects to create independent whitepapers,  case studies, or product feature reviews.  WAZA advisors rely on actual software usage and validated customer feedback to develop a solid point of view.  

Product & Service Strategy

The successful launch of new products and sevices need  the right balance of people, process and technology.  Let WAZA perform your customer segment assessment, develop your value proposition, and determine features for your Minimum Viable Product.

Guided Implementation

Let us guide you through making an informed decision on your next business software platforms.  We will do the leg work and sort through available products presenting you with the top options for your specific situation.  Full service implementation partners are available to help you cross the finish line.

Business Startup Weekend Workshops

Economical group sessions give small business owners access to Fortune 500 corporate strategy consultants.  Work through the steps to start or refine your business while avoiding common pitffalls.​

Market Research

Reliable insights lead to competitive edge for business owners in today's constantly changing market.   WAZA advisors develop reports and industry analysis on products, markets, companies.

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